Antenna Designer’s Notebook

Companion site to IEEE Antenna and Propagation Magazine column

This site contains a set of practical techniques for Designers

I (Tom Milligan) have started this website in the spirit of the column.  The initial material is a collection from short courses I taught with Hal Schrank and material related to various columns. Most of the material consists of scales or nomographs where you can read the answer directly. I am soliciting contributions that can be in many forms.  I can increase the website by adding them or I can add hyperlinks to your website.  Consider any type of helpful material such as MatLab scripts and design templates for commercial codes that do not fit a publishing format.  We can make this a useful resource to our fellow designers.  Please contact me about problems with the site.

Hal Schrank started the Antenna Designer’s Notebook column for the IEEE AP-S Newsletter in 1983.  His goal was to publish short design notes from designers who would not normally submit formal papers. I joined Hal in 1995 and eventually continued the column alone as Ross Stone morphed the Newsletter into the Magazine with its greatly expanded coverage.  In the early days we would send authors complete copies of all previous columns.  This task became more time consuming as more and more columns were added.  After Anthony Martin and I were able to generate a digital archive of all AP-S published material (2000) using material contributed primarily by Hal, I stopped sending copies of all previous columns to authors. Soon the material was available on IEEE Xplore and we entered the cloud days where everything is available to members with internet access.


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